BONEY M Christmas Tour South Africa 2011

BONEY M was not only the disco cult band of the 70’s and 80’s but remains a living legend of the entire disco era.  Originally founded in Germany by writer and producer, Frank Farian, BONEY M was one of the disco orientated pop acts which dominated the European, American and especially the South African charts throughout the late seventies and early eighties with a string of hits well remembered to this day. 

BONEY M is also well known for their wonderful Christmas music and during December the music scene is taken over by the Christmas songs of BONEY M.  And that is why Lefra Productions decided to bring BONEY M to South Africa this year for their BONEY M CHRISTMAS SPECIALBONEY M will be in the country from 16 to 20 December and will do only 3 major concerts, namely:

16 December – Sun City (Rustenburg) -  Super Bowl
17 December – Carnival City (Johannesburg/Brakpan)  – Big Top Arena
20 December – Grand West (Cape Town) – Grand Arena

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Frank Farian moulded the four piece band in the dance pop fashion, featuring the stunning vocals of Liz Mitchell, which proved irrestible to radio, dance floor and party goers.  The original and only lead singer on BONEY M was born in Jamaica and moved to London at the age of eleven.  She always wanted to be a professional singer and with her mother’s belief and support, she finally got lucky – when working as a secretary an agent called and offered her a leading role in the musical, HAIR.  Liz accepted and moved to Berlin where she stayed for three years.  After this, she began working towards her original goal to be involved in the music business.  Whilst in London doing a recording session, Liz was asked to join a new band, BONEY M.  This role launched her international singing career and the rest is history.

BONEY M featuring the original lead singer, Liz Mitchell, is still a phenomenal live act drawing crowds across the world.  “It is indeed an honour for Lefra Productions to present BONEY M’s Christmas Special in South Africa this year,” says Frans Swart, CEO of Lefra Productions.  “We started to negotiate with BONEY M’s management a few years back to bring especially their Christmas Special Concert to South Africa.  And you can imagine that this specific show is in such high demand throughout the world that we had to negotiate a number of years in advance.  But we are very excited that we succeeded to get BONEY M to come to South Africa.  Furthermore, we are also very honoured to get Liz Mitchell as part of the original BONEY M.  Throughout the years Liz was the lead singer of BONEY M and sang on the hits such as Rivers of Babylon, Mary’s Boy Child and many more – so our audiences will experience the real BONEY M!” Swart said.

Liz said she and BONEY M are very excited to come to South Africa.  “It was always our dream to visit South Africa and now that dream came true for us.  Furthermore it is also a wonderful opportunity to bring our Christmas Special Concert to South Africa.  I am a Christian and I have a strong and true belief in God and what wonderful opportunity do we have to celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ with this Christmas Special Concert.”

It is the 21st Century and there is obvious no doubt that songs from the past are far more popular than ever before.  BONEY M’s international success during the past 25 years has proven that their hits definitely belong to the collection of timeless classics.

Bookings at Computicket.  (011) 340 8000 or www.computicket.com
Groups more than 10/ Hospitality Packages: Zena (011) 815 3000 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it